Vepo Marine Flooring embraces the advancement and capabilities of new technology. Photogrammetry is an easy, efficient, and extremely accurate way to scan and template your boats. Using uniquely designed targets and a digital camera (or smartphone) we can get the measurements and dimensions needed to accurately fit your boats with OrthoDek flooring. 


Photogrammetry replaces the time-consuming paper or mylar hand-drawn templates and reduces the costs of owning a bulky digital scanning device. This method requires litte to no specialized equipment, is extremely cost-effective, and provideds fast accurate results. 


Utilizing our software we will save you time and costs associatated with fitting your boat with new flooring. 

How it works 

Collect your equipment → Place your targets → Calibrate and document your measurements → photograph your boat with targets in place → upload your photos 


Once your uploads are recieved, we begin the process of creating your flooring files. 

Calibration Tutorial

V·Scan Target Photographing Tutorial

Benefits of V·Scan

Accuracy - Photogrammetry is one of the most accurate measuring methods across multiple platforms. Widely used among architects, engineers, and surveyors all over the world.
Speed - The simplicity of dropping targets and snapping photos makes this the fastest in-field measurement.
Cost - Several laser scanning and pin-point surveying machines are available and produce excellent results, however many of those machines are very expensive to purchase and maintain.
Comfort - No more need to crawl around every section of your flooring and hand-drawing out the dimensions on paper or mylar sheets. Convenient - Many scanners and machines are bulky and heavy. Targets pack up nicely in a bag or a box.
Flexibility - Photogrammetry works on nearly any size project. There is not a boat that is too small or too big for photogrammetry. 

Ready To Get Started?

Download Free .PDF Files (print your own)

Individual Targets 50-97

Letter Sheets A - R

Step-by-step Tutorial

Pre-Printed; Pre-Cut; Peel and Stick Vinyl Targets

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