VEPO Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I become an Authorized Dealer?

A: Fill out one of our Dealer Request Forms. After the Application is completed, your information will be accessed, and qualifications will be determined. Once we evaluate all your information, a Vepo Team Member will contact you directly either by phone or email explaining the next steps.


Q: Do you have any minimum sheet orders?

A: Our competition says yes, but we say no. No matter how big or small the job is, we have no minimum requirements for ordering sheets. For more information and pricing on sheet orders contact us via email ( or call (440-709-8349) and one of our team members will be able to assist you. Office hours are M- F; 8:00a - 5:00p (EST).


Q: What is Vepo™?

A: Vepo™ is the USA manufacturing company that produces OrthoDek Custom Boat Flooring and accessories for a variety of applicatoins and solutions for the personal watercraft market.  We offer out of the box flooring options, DIY and custom solutions,  pre-laminited or single layered sheet materials we call V-Cell™ ⎯ a non-skid, highly durable, closed-cell EVE blended foam with a brushed or flat finish.  V-Cell™ is raw form of all of our products. It's fantastic in the marine environment as it is UV resistant, stain resistant, non-absorbent, and easy-to-clean.


Q: What are the benefits of applying OrthoDek?

A: If you enjoy comfort with an aesthetic appeal, OrthoDek should be your first choice. Here are some of the additional benefits of adding our flooring solution to your watercraft:

  • Reduces fatigue during prolonged standing
  • Cushion’s passengers and cargo during rides
  • Provides a cooler surface for sitting and sunbathing
  • Enhanced traction improves safety
  • Installs and cleans easily
  • Improves your boat’s appearance


Q: How long will it last?

A: Under distressed conditions, our OrthoDek™ is expected to last at least 4-5 seasons.  If the product is maintained and taken care of, you can expect the life expectancy to increase.


Q: Do you charge per Square Feet?

A:  Unlike our competition, Vepo only charges you for the sheet materials used to produce your boat.  Our sheets are 43” x 69” and your boat is nested by our expert CAD designers to give you the best possible price for your money.


Q: Do you have my boat on file?

A: Vepo™ has a large list of boats available and ready to produce. You can use our Request-a-Quote option to submit your boat information and we will contact you via email or phone call to inform you on the next steps. If the boat is already on file, the process will be getting a dry-fit for any variations that may exist. If the boat is not on file, we can help you through the next steps in templating your boat either by hand or by using our photogrammetry option called V·Scan.  


Q: How hard is it to install?

A: Our DIY OrthoDek™ is set up to make the process of installation as easy as possible.  Our step-by-step instructions allow you to install your finish product with ease.


Q: What colors do you have available?

A: You are in luck! Vepo™ offers the largest selection of colors and combinations in the business.  Currently we offer 35+ different color options to mix and match with over 1300+ possible combinations.  See our color listing here → OrthoDek Colors.


Q: Can I just order sheets to cut myself?

A: While we recommend letting Vepo™ fabricate your sheets; you can buy sheets of material to cut and install yourself.  Sheets are available in different sizes, thickness and of course color combinations.  Please reach out to our sales team via Email ( or via Phone (440-709-8349) for pricing.


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